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Peripheral-Foveal Vision for Real-time Object Recognition
Benjamin Sapp · Stephen Gould · Adrian Kaehler · Gary R Bradski · Andrew Y Ng

Wed Dec 06 07:30 PM -- 12:00 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Benjamin Sapp (Stanford University)
Stephen Gould (ANU)
Adrian Kaehler (Giant.AI, Inc.)

Dr. Adrian Kaehler is a recognized expert and inventor in numerous advanced technology domains. Throughout his career, his primary focus has been on intellectual and practical leadership for complex technology innovation efforts for both privately or publicly held companies and enterprises, as well as for the many commercial and government institutions he advises. At this time, Adrian is a start-up founder and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley He holds a Ph.D. degree in theoretical particle physics from Columbia University which, after enrolling in university at the age of 14 and graduating with a bachelor's degree at 18, he received at the age of 25. His fields of expertise include robotics, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, physics, electrical engineering, computer algorithms, machine vision, biometrics, computer games, system engineering, human machine interface, numerical programming, and design. He is the author of numerous papers and over 30 patents in these and other subjects, as well as two a best-selling books on computer vision.

Gary R Bradski (OpenCV)
Andrew Y Ng (DeepLearning.AI)

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