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Hamming Distance Metric Learning
Mohammad Norouzi · Russ Salakhutdinov · David Fleet

Thu Dec 06 02:00 PM -- 12:00 AM (PST) @ Harrah’s Special Events Center 2nd Floor

Motivated by large-scale multimedia applications we propose to learn mappings from high-dimensional data to binary codes that preserve semantic similarity. Binary codes are well suited to large-scale applications as they are storage efficient and permit exact sub-linear kNN search. The framework is applicable to broad families of mappings, and uses a flexible form of triplet ranking loss. We overcome discontinuous optimization of the discrete mappings by minimizing a piecewise-smooth upper bound on empirical loss, inspired by latent structural SVMs. We develop a new loss-augmented inference algorithm that is quadratic in the code length. We show strong retrieval performance on CIFAR-10 and MNIST, with promising classification results using no more than kNN on the binary codes.

Author Information

Mohammad Norouzi (Google Brain)
Russ Salakhutdinov (Carnegie Mellon University)
David Fleet (Google Research, Brain Team and University of Toronto)

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