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Claudico: The World's Strongest No-Limit Texas Hold'em Poker AI
Noam Brown · Tuomas Sandholm

Tue Dec 08 04:00 PM -- 08:55 PM (PST) @ 210D

Claudico is the world's strongest poker AI for two-player no-limit Texas Hold'em. Earlier this year, Claudico faced off against four of the top human poker players in the world in the Brains vs. AI man-machine competition for 80,000 hands of poker. Claudico is based on an earlier agent, Tartanian7, which won the latest Annual Computer Poker Competition, defeating all other agents with statistical significance.

This is the first poker AI to play at a competitive level with the very best humans in the world in no-limit Texas Hold'em, the most popular poker variant in the world. It is the result of over one million core hours, computed on the Blacklight supercomputer.

Author Information

Noam Brown (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tuomas Sandholm (Carnegie Mellon University)

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