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Poster Session Music and environmental sounds
Oriol Nieto · Jordi Pons · Bhiksha Raj · Tycho Tax · Benjamin Elizalde · Juhan Nam · Anurag Kumar

Fri Dec 08 03:00 PM -- 04:00 PM (PST) @
Event URL: http://media.aau.dk/smc/ml4audio/ »

Poster abstracts and full papers: http://media.aau.dk/smc/ml4audio/

MUSIC: *Jordi Pons, Oriol Nieto, Matthew Prockup, Erik M. Schmidt, Andreas F. Ehmann and Xavier Serra. End­-to-­end learning for music audio tagging at scale *Jongpil Lee, Taejun Kim, Jiyoung Park and Juhan Nam. Raw Waveform ­based Audio Classification Using Sample­level CNN Architectures *Alfonso Perez-Carrillo Estimation of violin bowing features from Audio recordings with Convolutional Networks

ENVIRONMENTAL SOUNDS: *Bhiksha Raj, Benjamin Elizalde, Rohan Badlani, Ankit Shah and Anurag Kumar. NELS ­ Never­Ending Learner of Sounds *Tycho Tax, Jose Antich, Hendrik Purwins and Lars Maaløe Utilizing Domain Knowledge in End-to-End Audio Processing *Anurag Kumar and Bhiksha Raj. Deep CNN Framework for Audio Event Recognition using Weakly Labeled Web Data

Author Information

Oriol Nieto (Pandora)
Jordi Pons (UPF- Music Technology Group)
Bhiksha Raj (Carnegie Mellon University)
Tycho Tax (Corti)
Benjamin Elizalde (Carnegie Mellon University)
Juhan Nam (KAIST)
Anurag Kumar (Carnegie Mellon Univresity)

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