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Poster Session (encompasses coffee break)
Beidi Chen · Borja Balle · Daniel Lee · iuri frosio · Jitendra Malik · Jan Kautz · Ke Li · Masashi Sugiyama · Miguel A. Carreira-Perpinan · Ramin Raziperchikolaei · Theja Tulabandhula · Yung-Kyun Noh · Adams Wei Yu
  • Learning Supervised Binary Hashing without Binary Code Optimization (Miguel Carreira-Perpinan; Ramin Raziperchikolaei)
    • Sub-linear Privacy-preserving Search with Unsecured Server and Semi-honest Parties (Beidi Chen)
    • On Nearest Neighbors in Non Local Means Denoising (Iuri Frosio; Kautz Jan)
    • Fast k-Nearest Neighbour Search via Prioritized DCI (Ke Li; Jitendra Malik)
    • Generative Local Metric Learning for Nearest Neighbor Methods (Yung-Kyun Noh; Masashi Sugiyama; Daniel D Lee)
    • Private Document Classification in Federated Databases (Phillipp Schoppmann; Adria Gascon; Borja Balle)
    • Optimizing Revenue Over Data-Driven Assortments (Deeksha Sinha; Theja Tulabandula)
    • Fast Distance Metric Learning for Multi-Task Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Classification (Adams Yu)

Author Information

Beidi Chen (Rice University)

I'm a third year Ph.D. Student at Rice University and working with Dr. Anshumali Shrivastava. My research topic is hashing in large-scale learning. I work closely with Dr. Rebecca Steorts on Record Linkage. I had my undergrad in Berkeley and my Advisor was Randy Katz. My topic was data mining.

Borja Balle (DeepMind)
Daniel Lee (Cornell Tech)
iuri frosio (nvidia)
Jitendra Malik (University of California at Berkley)
Jan Kautz (NVIDIA)
Ke Li (UC Berkeley)
Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN / University of Tokyo)
Miguel A. Carreira-Perpinan (University of California, Merced)
Ramin Raziperchikolaei (UC Merced)
Theja Tulabandhula (University of Illinois Chicago)

Theja is a researcher working in the areas of reinforcement, online and deep machine learning with applications to transportation, retail and other fields. He received his combined bachelors and masters degree in electrical engineering with honors from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in 2009. There, he was awarded the Prime Minister of India Gold medal for getting the highest GPA among all dual degree students. He received his Ph.D. degree in 2014, in electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge. There, he was a Xerox-MIT fellow and a Science and Technology Fulbright scholar. Please visit http://www.theja.org/ for more information!

Yung-Kyun Noh (Seoul National University)
Adams Wei Yu (Carnegie Mellon University)

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