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Multiple-Instance, Cascaded Classification for Keyword Spotting in Narrow-Band Audio
Ahmad Abdulkader · Kareem Nassar · Mohamed Mahmoud · Daniel Galvez

Sat Dec 09 02:45 PM -- 03:00 PM (PST) @ None

Author Information

Ahmad Abdulkader (Voicera Inc)

Ahmad Abdulkader is CTO of Voicera. Abdulkader is a well renowned industry expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. Before co-founding Voicera, Abdulkader served as a lead architect for Facebook’s applied AI efforts, which produced wide-reaching platforms like DeepText, a text-understanding engine with near-human accuracy in over 20 languages Prior to that, he worked at Google, building OCR engines, Machine Learning systems, and computer vision systems. Prior to Google, Abdulkader led a number of core teams at Microsoft Ad-Center & Bing. He also built the state of the art 'Handwriting Recognition Technology' which currently powers Microsoft's touch devices including 'Surface' and 'Windows phone'.

Kareem Nassar (Voicera)
Mohamed Mahmoud (Voicera)
Daniel Galvez (Cornell University)

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