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Updates from Current ML Systems (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe2, CNTK, MXNet, TVM, Clipper, MacroBase, ModelDB)
Rajat Monga · Soumith Chintala · Cha Zhang · Tianqi Chen · Daniel Crankshaw · Kai Sheng Tai · Andrew Tulloch · Manasi Vartak

Fri Dec 08 01:20 PM -- 02:50 PM (PST) @ None

Author Information

Rajat Monga (Google)
Soumith Chintala (Facebook AI Research)
Cha Zhang (Microsoft AI & Research)
Tianqi Chen (University of Washington)
Daniel Crankshaw (UC Berkeley RISE Lab)
Kai Sheng Tai (Stanford University)
Andrew Tulloch (Facebook AI Research)
Manasi Vartak (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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