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A Structured Prediction Approach for Label Ranking
Anna Korba · Alexandre Garcia · Florence d'Alché-Buc

Thu Dec 06 02:00 PM -- 04:00 PM (PST) @ Room 210 #95

We propose to solve a label ranking problem as a structured output regression task. In this view, we adopt a least square surrogate loss approach that solves a supervised learning problem in two steps: a regression step in a well-chosen feature space and a pre-image (or decoding) step. We use specific feature maps/embeddings for ranking data, which convert any ranking/permutation into a vector representation. These embeddings are all well-tailored for our approach, either by resulting in consistent estimators, or by solving trivially the pre-image problem which is often the bottleneck in structured prediction. Their extension to the case of incomplete or partial rankings is also discussed. Finally, we provide empirical results on synthetic and real-world datasets showing the relevance of our method.

Author Information

Alexandre Garcia (Telecom ParisTech)
Florence d'Alché-Buc (LTCI,Télécom ParisTech, University of Paris-Saclay)

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