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Poster Session 1 (note there are numerous missing names here, all papers appear in all poster sessions)
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Author Information

Akhilesh Gotmare (EPFL)

I am a Machine Learning Researcher with Salesforce Research Asia in Singapore. I finished my MSc at the Department of Computer Science at EPFL, Switzerland, where I was working with Prof. Martin Jaggi's Machine Learning and Optimization laboratory for my thesis project. During my Master's, I was an intern with Salesforce Research in Palo Alto (Apr - Sept 2018).

Kenneth Holstein (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jan Brabec (Cisco)
Michal Uricar (Valeo R&D Prague)
Kaleigh Clary (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Cynthia Rudin (Duke)
Sam Witty (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Andrew Ross (Harvard University)
Shayne O'Brien (MIT)
Babak Esmaeili (Northeastern University)
Jessica Forde (Project Jupyter)
Massimo Caccia (MILA)
Ali Emami (McGill University)
Scott Jordan (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Bronwyn Woods (Duo Security)
D. Sculley (Google Research)
Rebekah Overdorf (EPFL)
Nicolas Le Roux (Google Brain)
Peter Henderson (McGill University)
Brandon Yang (Google Brain)
Tzu-Yu Liu (Freenome)
David Jensen (Univ. of Massachusetts)

David Jensen is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He directs the Knowledge Discovery Laboratory and currently serves as the Director of the Computational Social Science Institute, an interdisciplinary effort at UMass to study social phenomena using computational tools and concepts. From 1991 to 1995, he served as an analyst with the Office of Technology Assessment, an agency of the United States Congress. His current research focuses on methods for constructing accurate causal models from observational and experimental data. He regularly serves on program committees for several conferences, including the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, the International Conference on Machine Learning, and the Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. He has served on the Board of Directors of the ACM Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (2005-2013), the Defense Science Study Group (2006-2007), and DARPA's Information Science and Technology Group (2007-2012). In 2011, he received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the UMass College of Natural Sciences.

Niccolo Dalmasso (Carnegie Mellon University)
Weitang Liu (University of California, Davis)
Paul Marc TRICHELAIR (McGill Univeristy/MILA)
Jun Ki Lee (Brown University)
Akanksha Atrey (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Matt Groh (MIT)
Yotam Hechtlinger (Carnegie Mellon University)
Emma Tosch (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

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