Perception as generative reasoning: structure, causality, probability
Dan Rosenbaum · Marta Garnelo · Peter Battaglia · Kelsey Allen · Ilker Yildirim

Fri Dec 13th 08:00 AM -- 06:00 PM @ East Meeting Rooms 1 - 3
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Many perception tasks can be cast as ‘inverse problems’ where the input signal is the outcome of a causal process and perception is to invert that process. For example in visual object perception, the image is caused by an object and perception is to infer which object gave rise to that image. Following an analysis-by-synthesis approach, modelling the forward and causal direction of the data generation process is a natural way to capture the underlying scene structure, which typically leads to broader generalisation and better sample efficiency. Such a forward model can be applied to solve the inverse problem (inferring the scene structure from an input image) using Bayes rule, for example. This workflow stands in contrast to common approaches in deep learning, where typically one first defines a task, and then optimises a deep model end-to-end to solve it. In this workshop we propose to revisit ideas from the generative approach and advocate for learning-based analysis-by-synthesis methods for perception and inference. In addition, we pose the question of how ideas from these research areas can be combined with and complement modern deep learning practices.

08:50 AM Opening Remarks (Talk) Dan Rosenbaum, Marta Garnelo, Peter Battaglia, Kelsey Allen, Ilker Yildirim
09:00 AM Sanja Fidler (Talk) Sanja Fidler
09:35 AM Spotlights 1 (Spotlight) Jan Chorowski, Boyang Deng, Michael Chang
10:30 AM Jiajun Wu (Talk) Jiajun Wu
11:05 AM Tatiana Lopez-Guevara (Talk) Tatiana López-Guevara
11:40 AM Spotlights 2 (Spotlight)
01:30 PM Niloy Mitra (Talk) Niloy Mitra
02:05 PM Danilo Rezende (Talk) Danilo Jimenez Rezende
02:40 PM Posters (Poster Session)
Colin Graber, Yuan-Ting Hu, Tiantian Fang, Jessica Hamrick, Giorgio Giannone, JD Co-Reyes, Boyang Deng, Eric Crawford, Andrea Dittadi, Peter Karkus, Matthew Dirks, RAKSHIT TRIVEDI, Sunny Raj, Javier Felip Leon, Harris Chan, Jan Chorowski, Jeff Orchard, Aleksandar Stanić, Adam Kortylewski, Ben Zinberg, Chenghui Zhou, Wei Sun, Vikash Mansinghka, Chun-Liang Li, Marco Cusumano-Towner
04:15 PM Invited talk (Talk)
04:50 PM Panel (Panel Discussion) Sanja Fidler, Jiajun Wu, Josh Tenenbaum, Tatiana López-Guevara, Danilo Jimenez Rezende

Author Information

Dan Rosenbaum (DeepMind)
Marta Garnelo (DeepMind)
Peter Battaglia (DeepMind)
Kelsey Allen (MIT)
Ilker Yildirim (Yale University)

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