Robot Learning: Control and Interaction in the Real World
Markus Wulfmeier · Roberto Calandra · Kate Rakelly · Sanket Sayaji Kamthe · Danica Kragic · Stefan Schaal · Markus Wulfmeier

Sat Dec 14th 08:00 AM -- 06:00 PM @ West 220 - 222
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The growing capabilities of learning-based methods in control and robotics has precipitated a shift in the design of software for autonomous systems. Recent successes fuel the hope that robots will increasingly perform varying tasks working alongside humans in complex, dynamic environments. However, the application of learning approaches to real-world robotic systems has been limited because real-world scenarios introduce challenges that do not arise in simulation.
In this workshop, we aim to identify and tackle the main challenges to learning on real robotic systems. First, most machine learning methods rely on large quantities of labeled data. While raw sensor data is available at high rates, the required variety is hard to obtain and the human effort to annotate or design reward functions is an even larger burden. Second, algorithms must guarantee some measure of safety and robustness to be deployed in real systems that interact with property and people. Instantaneous reset mechanisms, as common in simulation to recover from even critical failures, present a great challenge to real robots. Third, the real world is significantly more complex and varied than curated datasets and simulations. Successful approaches must scale to this complexity and be able to adapt to novel situations.

09:10 AM Invited Talk 1 (Talk) Marc Deisenroth
09:45 AM Coffee Break (Break)
11:30 AM Poster 1 (Poster session)
Sahika Genc, Ignasi Clavera Gilaberte, Matthieu Zimmer, Laura Smith, Ted Xiao, Yao Fu, Yiming Ding, Simon Stepputtis, Sunil Mallya, Sravan Babu Bodapati, Yijiong Lin
12:00 PM Lunch Break (Break)
01:30 PM Invited Talk 2 (Talk) Manuela Veloso
01:30 PM Invited Talk 3 (Talk) Takayuki Osa
02:00 PM Invited Talk 4 (Talk) Nima Fazeli
02:30 PM Invited Talk 5 (Talk) Angela Schoellig
03:00 PM Poster Session 2 (Poster Session)
Voot Tangkaratt, Suraj Nair, Norman Di Palo, Brian Yang, Huck Yang, Carlos Florensa, Michelle A. Lee, Alex Church, Minghao Han, Jun Qi, Lixian Zhang, Wei Pan
03:30 PM Coffee Break (Break)
04:30 PM Invited Talk 6 (Talk) Edward Johns
05:00 PM Panel (Discussion Panel)

Author Information

Markus Wulfmeier (DeepMind)
Roberto Calandra (Facebook AI Research)
Kate Rakelly (UC Berkeley)
Sanket Sayaji Kamthe (Imperial College London)
Danica Kragic (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Stefan Schaal (Google)
Markus Wulfmeier (DeepMind)

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