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Human Behavior Modeling with Machine Learning: Opportunities and Challenges
Nuria M Oliver · Albert Ali Salah

Mon Dec 09 08:30 AM -- 10:30 AM (PST) @ West Ballroom A + B

Human behavior is complex, multi-level, multimodal, culturally and contextually shaped. Computer analysis of human behavior in its multiple scales and settings leads to a steady influx of new applications in diverse domains including human-computer interaction, affective computing, social signal processing and computational social sciences, autonomous systems, smart healthcare, customer behavior analysis, urban computing and AI for social good. In this tutorial, we will share a proposed taxonomy to understand, model and predict both individual, dyadic and aggregate human behavior from a variety of data sources and using machine learning techniques. We will illustrate this taxonomy through relevant examples from the literature and will highlight existing open challenges and research directions that might inspire attendees to embark in the fascinating and promising area of computational human behavior modeling.

The goal of this tutorial is to provide an introduction to this burgeoning area, describing tools for automatically interpreting complex behavioral patterns generated when humans interact with machines or with others. A second goal is to inspire a new generation of researchers to join forces into realizing the immense potential of machine learning to help build intelligent systems that understand and interact with humans, and contribute to our understanding of human individual and aggregate behavior while always having human interests and wellbeing at their core.

Author Information

Nuria M Oliver (Microsoft Research)

Nuria Oliver is Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Vodafone Institute. She has over 20 years of research experience in the areas of human behavior modeling and prediction from data and human-computer interaction. She holds a PhD in perceptual intelligence from MIT. She worked as a researcher at Microsoft Research (2000-2007), as the first female Scientific Director at Telefonica R&D (2007-2016) and the first Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone (2017-2019). Her work is well known with over 160 scientific publications including ten best paper award nominations and awards. She is co-inventor of 40 filed patents and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. She has been in the organizing committee of 18 ACM/IEEE/AAAI International Conferences. She is a member of the editorial board of several journals and was a guest editor of the special issue on Sensing and Understanding Human Behavior and Interactions in IEEE MultiMedia (2018). She has been recognized as a Fellow of the ACM (2017), of the IEEE (2017) and of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence (2016) for her contributions in the development of probabilistic models of human behavior and the design of intelligent, interactive systems. She has also been inducted to the SIGCHI Academy (2018), to the Academia Europaea (2018) and to the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering (2018), where she is its youngest member. She received an Honorary PhD from the University Miguel Hernandez in September of 2018. She is an ELLIS Fellow and co-director of the ELLIS Program focused on ‘Human-centric Machine Learning’ which is organizing a NeurIPS workshop this year as well. She is an advisor to several European universities, to the Valencian and Spanish Governments; to the European Commission through a High Level Expert Group and to the World Economic Forum through one of the Future Global Councils. She is in the advisory board of Mahindra Comviva and of several Foundations. Nuria’s work and professional trajectory has received over 40 awards, including the MIT TR35 Young Innovator Award (2004), the Rising Talent award by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (2009), the European Digital Woman of the Year award (2016), the Spanish National Computer Science Award (2016), the Engineer of the Year Award (2018) and the Data Scientist of the Year Award (2019). She has been named one of the top 11 Artificial Intelligence influencers worldwide by Pioneering Minds (2017), one of Spanish wonderful minds in technology by EL PAIS newspaper (2017), “an outstanding female director in technology” (El PAIS, 2012), one of “100 leaders for the future” (Capital, 2009) and one of the “40 youngsters who will mark the next millennium” (El PAIS, 1999). Her passion is to have positive impact on society through her research and through her outreach actions devoted to inspire a new generation of children and teenagers –particularly girls—to pursue research careers in Computer Science. (contact: nuria@alum.mit.edu; Twitter: @nuriaoliver )

Albert Ali Salah (Bogazici University)