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Q&A from the Audience. Ask the Grad Students
Erin Grant · Ruairidh Battleday · Sophia Sanborn · Nadine Chang · Nikhil Parthasarathy

Fri Dec 13 03:00 PM -- 03:30 PM (PST) @

"Cross-disciplinary research experiences and tips for Graduate School Admissions Panelists"

Panelists: Erin Grant (UC Berkeley) Nadine Chang (CMU) Ruairidh Battleday (Princeton) Sophia Sanborn (UC Berkeley) Nikhil Parthasarathy (NYU)

Author Information

Erin Grant (UC Berkeley)
Ruairidh Battleday (Princeton University)

In my research, I study generalization: how our inference about the novel and unknown is guided by our evolved and encountered past. This entails studying and formalizing generalization and analogical learning in humans, and testing these ideas by using them to create better machine-learning algorithms. More broadly, I am interested in furthering our understanding of cognition and intelligence by uniting insights from high-level theories and ideologies of the brain, mind, and computation.

Sophia Sanborn (UC Berkeley)
Nadine Chang (Carnegie Mellon University)
Nikhil Parthasarathy (New York University)

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