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Contributed Talk #1: Humans flexibly transfer options at multiple levels of abstractions
Liyu Xia

Fri Dec 13 10:30 AM -- 10:45 AM (PST) @

Humans are great at using prior knowledge to solve novel tasks, but how they do so is not well understood. Recent work showed that in contextual multi-armed bandits environments, humans create simple one-step policies that they can transfer to new contexts by inferring context clusters. However, the daily tasks humans face are often temporally extended, and demand more complex, hierarchically structured skills. The options framework provides a potential solution for representing such transferable skills. Options are abstract multi-step policies, assembled from simple actions or other options, that can represent meaningful reusable skills. We developed a novel two-stage decision making protocol to test if humans learn and transfer multi-step options. We found transfer effects at multiple levels of policy complexity that could not be explained by flat reinforcement learning models. We also devised an option model that can qualitatively replicate the transfer effects in human participants. Our results provide evidence that humans create options, and use them to explore in novel contexts, consequently transferring past knowledge and speeding up learning.

Author Information

Liyu Xia (University of California, Berkeley)

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