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Author Information

Benjamin Caine (Google)
Renhao Wang (University of British Columbia)
Nazmus Sakib (University of Alberta)

Master's student at CS , UAlberta Research Intern at Huawei Edmonton R & D Research topic : Robotics and Reinforcement Learning

Nana Otawara (Ochanomizu University)
Meha Kaushik (IIIT-Hyderabad)
elmira amirloo (Huawei Technologies)
Nemanja Djuric (Uber ATG)
Johanna Rock (Graz University of Technology)
Tanmay Agarwal (Carnegie Mellon University)

Tanmay Agarwal is a Master's Student in the School of Computer Science at the Carnegie Mellon University where he is pursuing his graduate education in Robotics. He is a passionate and enthusiastic researcher who believes that machine learning and artificial intelligence can bring about revolutionary changes in human life.

Angelos Filos (University of Oxford)
Panagiotis Tigkas (Autodesk)
Donsuk Lee (Indiana University)
Wootae Jeon (Kookmin University)
Nikita Jaipuria (Ford Motor Company)
Pin Wang (University of California, Berkeley)
Jinxin Zhao (Baidu USA LLC)
Liangjun Zhang (Baidu Research)
Ashutosh Singh (Purdue University)
Ershad Banijamali (University of Waterloo)
Mohsen Rohani (Huawei Technologies)
Aman Sinha (Trustworthy AI)
Ameya Joshi (Iowa State University)
Ching-Yao Chan (University of California at Berkeley)
Mohammed Abdou (Valeo)

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning. Strong engineering professional with a Master's degree focused in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Cairo University especially in Deep Learning field.

Changhao Chen (University of Oxford)
Jong-Chan Kim (Kookmin University)
eslam mohamed (Valeo, Cairo university)
Matt OKelly (Trustworthy AI)
Nirvan Singhania (International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad)
Hiroshi Tsukahara (Denso IT Laboratory, Inc.)
Atsushi Keyaki (Denso IT Laboratory, Inc.)
Praveen Palanisamy (Microsoft)
Justin Norden (Trustworthy AI)
Micol Marchetti-Bowick (Uber Technologies)
Yiming Gu (UberATG)
Hitesh Arora (Carnegie Mellon University)

Hitesh Arora is a research masters student at the Robotics Institute, School of Computer Science, CMU. He is passionate about building technological solutions to solve real world problems, particularly in the domain of robotics, computational biology and climate change. At CMU, he is working with Prof. Jeff Schneider on designing sample-efficient deep reinforcement algorithms for end-to-end self-driving. He is also researching explainable deep learning approaches for disease detection from medical images with Prof. Asim Smailagic. He graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Guwahati in 2015. During undergrad, he gained first-hand research experience through internships at top universities of MIT, CMU and UQ supported by various scholarships. To gain industry exposure, he worked at Microsoft for 3 years, shipping multiple hyper-scale distributed and analytics solutions currently being used by millions of cloud users. Also, Hitesh has always been driven to solve social problems. Being deeply concerned with Delhi’s alarming pollution, he pioneered the Charvesting project with the Climate Foundation NGO to solve open-rice straw burning problem and was awarded $100K grant by the government for the pilot project. He enjoys teaching and has served as a volunteer teacher to underprivileged students over the last 7 years.

Shubhankar Deshpande (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jeff Schneider (Carnegie Mellon University)
Shangling Jui (Chief AI Scientist of Kirin@Huawei)

Dr. Jui is the chief AI scientist of Huawei Kirin team. His knowledge on AI and reinforcement learning has guided the team to build the eco-system of Kirin platform. He support decisions and investment of AI to Canadian universities including UBC, SFU, UofToronto, UofAlberta, UofWaterloo, etc., through joint lab collaborations and local Huawei offices.

Vaneet Aggarwal (Purdue University)
Tryambak Gangopadhyay (Iowa State University)

As a Ph.D. student at Iowa State University, I am working as a Research Assistant at Self-aware Complex Systems Lab on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for healthcare, agriculture, and different cyber-physical systems. I am doing a concurrent Masters in Computer Science. In 2019, I did my summer internship at the Machine Learning group of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I developed deep learning fusion models for clinical prediction tasks using Electronic Health Record datasets. In my Ph.D. thesis, I am focusing on implementing state-of-the-art architectures and designing new algorithms for large-scale image/video data, multivariate time series data and text data with applications focusing on cyber-physical systems. My interests include Autoencoders (For 3D and 2D Data), LSTM Models, Attention Models, Explainability for Spatiotemporal Data, Action Recognition, Anomaly Detection using ML, 3D, and 2D CNN for large-scale video datasets, Natural Language Processing, Multimodal Learning using text, time-series and images, Spatiotemporal Interpretability for Multivariate Time-Series Data. Recently, I have started developing an interest in Reinforcement Learning. Please contact me at tryambak@iastate.edu, tryambak95@gmail.com for more details about my research.

Qiaojing Yan (Waymo LLC)

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