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Reconnaissance Blind Chess competition
Ashley Llorens · Ryan Gardner · Gino Perrotta · Timothy Highley · Gregory Clark · Robert Perrotta · William Bernardoni · Mark Jordan · I-Jeng Wang · Xue Bin Peng

Fri Dec 13 03:15 PM -- 04:15 PM (PST) @
  • Chair: I-Jeng Wang
  • Competition and Game Overview (Ashley Llorens)
  • Challenges of the Game (Ryan Gardner)
  • Competition Results (Casey Richardson)
  • Overview of the StrangeFish Bot (Gino Perrotta and Robert Perrotta)
  • Overview of the LaSalle Bot (T.J. Highley)
  • Overview of the penumbra Bot (Gregory Clark)
  • Overview of the wbernar5 Bot (William Bernardoni)
  • Overview of the MBot Bot (Mark Jordan)

Author Information

Ashley Llorens (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)
Ryan Gardner (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
Gino Perrotta (The George Washington University)

### Gino Perrotta, PhD ###### An aerodynamicist on a path toward machine learning I am a Postdoc and Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University. I earned my Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from University of Maryland in 2017. At both institutions I studied various problems in unsteady fluid dynamics. I am attending NeurIPS 2019 as the team lead for _StrangeFish_, the winning bot of JHU APL's competition in reconnaissance-blind-chess. Both my tournament participation and conference attendance are part of my continuing effort to learn modern computing methods. I hope to gradually merge my studies of machine learning and fluid dynamics, or to find impactful work in applied machine learning outside my current field.

Timothy Highley (La Salle University)
Gregory Clark (Google)
Robert Perrotta (The Buffalo Group)
William Bernardoni (Johns Hopkins University)
Mark Jordan (SRC Technology)

APL Reconaissance Blind Chess Competitor/Speaker

I-Jeng Wang (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.)
Xue Bin Peng (UC Berkeley)

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