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Sepp Hochreiter · Leonid Sigal · Moritz Neun · David Jonietz · Sungbin Choi · Henry Martin · Wei Yu · Zhichen Liu · Tu Nguyen · Pedro Herruzo Sánchez · Xiaoxia Shi · Aleksandra Gruca · Alastair Sutherland · David Kreil · Michael Kopp

Sat Dec 14 03:00 PM -- 04:15 PM (PST) @

Author Information

Sepp Hochreiter (LIT AI Lab / University Linz / IARAI)
Leonid Sigal (University of British Columbia)
Moritz Neun (HERE Technologies)
David Jonietz (HERE Technologies)
Sungbin Choi (Individual(No affiliation))
Henry Martin (ETH Zurich)
Wei Yu (University of Toronto)
Zhichen Liu (Southeast University)
Tu Nguyen (Daimler Mobility)
Pedro Herruzo Sánchez (Polytechnic University of Catalonia / SEAT, S.A.)

Researcher specializing in modeling for future mobility. He is a pre-doctoral Associate Research Fellow at IARAI, and studying at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona. His research focuses on rule detection and generalization in deep learning applied to geo-spatial data. He also has worked on the objective description of individual lifestyle patterns in egocentric images and their explainability.

Xiaoxia Shi (HERE Technologies)
Aleksandra Gruca (Silesian University of Technology)
Alastair Sutherland (HERE Technologies)
David Kreil (Institute of Advance Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI))

www.iarai.org / www.iarai.ac.at

Michael Kopp (IARAI / HERE Technologies)

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