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The Great NeurIPS Debate 2019 Social

Thu Dec 12 07:00 PM -- 10:00 PM (PST) @ West 217 - 219
Event URL: https://greatneuripsdebate.me.net.nz »

Enjoy an entertaining, but hopefully also thought-provoking evening watching a “British parliamentary style” debate on a controversial topic in machine learning. Debaters, split amongst 4 teams, will be assigned a side randomly, with two teams arguing for each side. Each team competes both to win the debate against the opposing side and to overshadow the other team on their own side. We will encourage attendees to discuss the topic amongst themselves, suggest questions and vote before and after to see who is convinced by our illustrious debaters. To encourage open discussion, we ask attendees to follow the Chatham House rules, which state that the debate should be unrecorded and that arguments made during the debate not be later attributed to the person making them. The topic of the debate will be released at the beginning of NeurIPS. We hope it will be an evening of stimulating conversation, changed minds and laughter.

For more details, topic announcement and to see our list of debaters: https://greatneuripsdebate.me.net.nz

Timeline - Thursday December 12: 7pm: Door opens. 7:15: Instructions / Introduce our topic and debaters. 7:30: Break for audience discussion / first vote. 7:45: Debate - Front-Benchers make their case 8:20: Break for audience discussion. 8:40: Debate - Back-Benchers make their points 9:15: Audience questions and discussion. 9:30: Debate concludes, audience votes. Audience welcome to stay for food and drinks until closing at 10