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Contributed Video: Constraint-Based Regularization of Neural Networks, Tiffany Vlaar
Tiffany Vlaar

Fri Dec 11 05:00 AM -- 05:30 AM (PST) @
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We propose a method for efficiently incorporating constraints into a stochastic gradient Langevin framework for the training of deep neural networks. Constraints allow direct control of the parameter space of the model. Appropriately designed, they reduce the vanishing/exploding gradient problem, control weight magnitudes and stabilize deep neural networks and thus improve the robustness of training algorithms and generalization capabilities of the trained neural network. We present examples of constrained training methods motivated by orthogonality preservation for weight matrices and explicit weight normalizations. We describe the methods in the overdamped formulation of Langevin dynamics and the underdamped form, in which momenta help to improve sampling efficiency. Our methods see performance improvements on image classification tasks.

Author Information

Tiffany Vlaar (University of Edinburgh)

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