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Private Identity Testing for High-Dimensional Distributions
Clément L Canonne · Gautam Kamath · Audra McMillan · Jonathan Ullman · Lydia Zakynthinou

Tue Dec 08 09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM (PST) @ Poster Session 1 #263

In this work we present novel differentially private identity (goodness-of-fit) testers for natural and widely studied classes of multivariate product distributions: Gaussians in R^d with known covariance and product distributions over {\pm 1}^d. Our testers have improved sample complexity compared to those derived from previous techniques, and are the first testers whose sample complexity matches the order-optimal minimax sample complexity of O(d^1/2/alpha^2) in many parameter regimes. We construct two types of testers, exhibiting tradeoffs between sample complexity and computational complexity. Finally, we provide a two-way reduction between testing a subclass of multivariate product distributions and testing univariate distributions, and thereby obtain upper and lower bounds for testing this subclass of product distributions.

Author Information

Clément L Canonne (IBM Research)
Gautam Kamath (University of Waterloo)
Audra McMillan (Apple)
Jonathan Ullman (Northeastern University)
Lydia Zakynthinou (Northeastern University)

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