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Online Structured Meta-learning
Huaxiu Yao · Yingbo Zhou · Mehrdad Mahdavi · Zhenhui (Jessie) Li · Richard Socher · Caiming Xiong

Wed Dec 09 09:00 PM -- 11:00 PM (PST) @ Poster Session 4 #1200

Learning quickly is of great importance for machine intelligence deployed in online platforms. With the capability of transferring knowledge from learned tasks, meta-learning has shown its effectiveness in online scenarios by continuously updating the model with the learned prior. However, current online meta-learning algorithms are limited to learn a globally-shared meta-learner, which may lead to sub-optimal results when the tasks contain heterogeneous information that are difficult to share. We overcome this limitation by proposing an online structured meta-learning (OSML) framework. Inspired by the knowledge organization of human and hierarchical feature representation, OSML explicitly disentangles the meta-learner as a meta-hierarchical graph with different knowledge blocks. When a new task is encountered, it constructs a meta-knowledge pathway by either utilizing the most relevant knowledge blocks or exploring new blocks. Through the meta-knowledge pathway, the model is able to quickly adapt to the new task. In addition, new knowledge is further incorporated into the selected blocks. Experiments on three datasets empirically demonstrate the effectiveness and interpretability of our proposed framework, not only under heterogeneous tasks but also under homogeneous settings.

Author Information

Huaxiu Yao (Pennsylvania State University)
Yingbo Zhou (Salesforce Research)
Mehrdad Mahdavi (Pennsylvania State University)

Mehrdad Mahdavi is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. He runs the Machine Learning and Optimization Lab, where they work on fundamental problems in computational and theoretical machine learning.

Zhenhui (Jessie) Li (Penn State University)
Richard Socher (Salesforce)

Richard Socher is Chief Scientist at Salesforce. He leads the company’s research efforts and brings state of the art artificial intelligence solutions into the platform. Prior, Richard was an adjunct professor at the Stanford Computer Science Department and the CEO and founder of MetaMind, a startup acquired by Salesforce in April 2016. MetaMind’s deep learning AI platform analyzes, labels and makes predictions on image and text data so businesses can make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.

Caiming Xiong (Salesforce)

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