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Instance-based Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
Martin Bertran · Natalia Martinez · Mariano Phielipp · Guillermo Sapiro

Tue Dec 08 09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM (PST) @ Poster Session 1 #541

Agents trained via deep reinforcement learning (RL) routinely fail to generalize to unseen environments, even when these share the same underlying dynamics as the training levels. Understanding the generalization properties of RL is one of the challenges of modern machine learning. Towards this goal, we analyze policy learning in the context of Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) and formalize the dynamics of training levels as instances. We prove that, independently of the exploration strategy, reusing instances introduces significant changes on the effective Markov dynamics the agent observes during training. Maximizing expected rewards impacts the learned belief state of the agent by inducing undesired instance-specific speed-running policies instead of generalizable ones, which are sub-optimal on the training set. We provide generalization bounds to the value gap in train and test environments based on the number of training instances, and use insights based on these to improve performance on unseen levels. We propose training a shared belief representation over an ensemble of specialized policies, from which we compute a consensus policy that is used for data collection, disallowing instance-specific exploitation. We experimentally validate our theory, observations, and the proposed computational solution over the CoinRun benchmark.

Author Information

Martin Bertran (Duke University)

I am a PhD student at Duke University. My main research interests are robustness, generalization, and representation learning. My work has focused on robustness in supervised learning in the context of fairness and Pareto efficiency, and on studying the characteristics of good representations for generalization in the context of reinforcement learning.

Natalia Martinez (Duke University)
Mariano Phielipp (Intel AI Labs)

Dr. Mariano Phielipp works at the Intel AI Lab inside the Intel Artificial Intelligence Products Group. His work includes research and development in deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Since joining Intel, Dr. Phielipp has developed and worked on Computer Vision, Face Recognition, Face Detection, Object Categorization, Recommendation Systems, Online Learning, Automatic Rule Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, Energy Based Algorithms, and other Machine Learning and AI-related efforts. Dr. Phielipp has also contributed to different disclosure committees, won an Intel division award related to Robotics, and has a large number of patents and pending patents. He has published on NeuriPS, ICML, ICLR, AAAI, IROS, IEEE, SPIE, IASTED, and EUROGRAPHICS-IEEE Conferences and Workshops.

Guillermo Sapiro (Duke University)

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