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FastMRI Talk 2
Zaccharie Ramzi

Sat Dec 12 10:25 AM -- 10:35 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Zaccharie Ramzi (Inria)

Zaccharie Ramzi is a PostDoc working on optimization in deep learning with Gabriel Peyre at ENS Ulm - CNRS in Paris. He was a PhD student working on the application of Deep Learning to MRI reconstruction under the supervision of Philippe Ciuciu and Jean-Luc Starck at NeuroSpin (CEA) in the Metric team. He is also a member of the Parietal team from Inria Saclay and the Cosmostat team from the Astrophysics Department of the CEA. Prior to this PhD, he graduated from Telecom ParisTech and ENS Cachan (M.Sc. Mathematics, Vision and Learning), and worked for 1 year as a Data Scientist at xbird, a Berlin-based startup.

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