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Poster Session 2 (gather.town)
Wenjie Li · Akhilesh Soni · Jinwuk Seok · Jianhao Ma · Jeffery Kline · Mathieu Tuli · Miaolan Xie · Robert Gower · Quanqi Hu · Matteo Cacciola · Yuanlu Bai · Boyue Li · Wenhao Zhan · Shentong Mo · Junhyung Lyle Kim · Sajad Fathi Hafshejani · Chris Junchi Li · Zhishuai Guo · Harshvardhan Harshvardhan · Neha Wadia · Tatjana Chavdarova · Difan Zou · Zixiang Chen · Aman Gupta · Jacques Chen · Betty Shea · Benoit Dherin · Aleksandr Beznosikov

Mon Dec 13 11:30 AM -- 12:30 PM (PST) @
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Please join us in gather.town (see link above). To see the abstracts of the posters presented in this session, please see below the schedule.

Authors/papers presenting posters in gather.town for this session:

  • Optimum-statistical Collaboration Towards Efficient Black-box Optimization, Wenjie Li

  • Integer Programming Approaches To Subspace Clustering With Missing Data, Akhilesh Soni

  • Stochastic Learning Equation using Monotone Increasing Resolution of Quantization, Jinwuk Seok

  • Sign-RIP: A Robust Restricted Isometry Property for Low-rank Matrix Recovery, Jianhao Ma

  • Farkas' Theorem of the Alternative for Prior Knowledge in Deep Networks, Jeffery Kline

  • Towards Robust and Automatic Hyper-Parameter Tunning, Mahdi S. Hosseini

  • High Probability Step Size Lower Bound for Adaptive Stochastic Optimization, Miaolan Xie

  • Stochastic Polyak Stepsize with a Moving Target, Robert M Gower

  • A Stochastic Momentum Method for Min-max Bilevel Optimization, Quanqi Hu

  • Deep Neural Networks pruning via the Structured Perspective Regularization, Matteo Cacciola

  • Efficient Calibration of Multi-Agent Market Simulators from Time Series with Bayesian Optimization, Yuanlu Bai

  • DESTRESS: Computation-Optimal and Communication-Efficient Decentralized Nonconvex Finite-Sum Optimization, Boyue Li

  • Policy Mirror Descent for Regularized RL: A Generalized Framework with Linear Convergence, Shicong Cen

  • Simulated Annealing for Neural Architecture Search, Shentong Mo

  • Acceleration and Stability of Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm, Junhyung Lyle Kim

  • Barzilai and Borwein conjugate gradient method equipped with a non-monotone line search technique, Sajad Fathi Hafshejani

  • On the convergence of stochastic extragradient for bilinear games using restarted iteration averaging, Chris Junchi Li

  • Practice-Consistent Analysis of Adam-Style Methods, Zhishuai Guo

  • Escaping Local Minima With Stochastic Noise, Harsh Vardhan

  • Optimization with Adaptive Step Size Selection from a Dynamical Systems Perspective, Neha S Wadia

  • Last-Iterate Convergence of Saddle Point Optimizers via High-Resolution Differential Equations, Tatjana Chavdarova

  • Understanding the Generalization of Adam in Learning Neural Networks with Proper Regularization, Difan Zou

  • Faster Perturbed Stochastic Gradient Methods for Finding Local Minima, Zixiang Chen

  • Adam vs. SGD: Closing the generalization gap on image classification, Aman Gupta

  • Heavy-tailed noise does not explain the gap between SGD and Adam on Transformers, Frederik Kunstner

  • Faster Quasi-Newton Methods for Linear Composition Problems, Betty Shea

  • The Geometric Occam Razor Implicit in Deep Learning, Benoit Dherin

  • Random-reshuffled SARAH does not need a full gradient computations, Aleksandr Beznosikov

Author Information

Wenjie Li (Purdue University)
Akhilesh Soni (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jinwuk Seok (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Jinwuk Seok received his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Control Engineering from Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 1993 and 1995, respectively. Additionally, he received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 1998. He has been a principal member of engineering staff at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in Korea since 2000, and an adjunct professor of the Computer Software Engineering Department at the University of Science and Technology in Korea since 2009. His research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and stochastic nonlinear control.

Jianhao Ma (University of Michigan)
Jeffery Kline (American Family Insurance)
Mathieu Tuli (University of Toronto and Vector Institute)
Miaolan Xie (Cornell University)
Robert Gower (Flatiron Institute)
Quanqi Hu (University of Iowa)
Matteo Cacciola (Polytechnique Montreal)
Yuanlu Bai (Columbia University)
Boyue Li (Carnegie Mellon University)
Wenhao Zhan (Princeton University)
Shentong Mo (CMU)
Junhyung Lyle Kim (Rice University)
Sajad Fathi Hafshejani (University of Lethbridgr)
Chris Junchi Li (University of California, Berkeley)
Zhishuai Guo (University of Iowa)
Harshvardhan Harshvardhan (UCSD)
Neha Wadia (University of California, Berkeley)
Tatjana Chavdarova (UC Berkeley)
Difan Zou (University of California, Los Angeles)
Zixiang Chen (UCLA)
Aman Gupta (LinkedIn)
Jacques Chen (University of British Columbia)
Betty Shea (University of British Columbia)
Benoit Dherin (Google)
Aleksandr Beznosikov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

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