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Benchmarking Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Cooperative Tasks
Georgios Papoudakis · Filippos Christianos · Lukas Schäfer · Stefano Albrecht

Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning (MARL) suffers from a lack of commonly-used evaluation tasks and criteria, making comparisons between approaches difficult. In this work, we provide a systematic evaluation and comparison of three different classes of MARL algorithms (independent learning, centralised multi-agent policy gradient, value decomposition) in a diverse range of cooperative multi-agent learning tasks. Our experiments serve as a reference for the expected performance of algorithms across different learning tasks, and we provide insights regarding the effectiveness of different learning approaches. We open-source EPyMARL, which extends the PyMARL codebase to include additional algorithms and allow for flexible configuration of algorithm implementation details such as parameter sharing. Finally, we open-source two environments for multi-agent research which focus on coordination under sparse rewards.

Author Information

Georgios Papoudakis (University of Edinburgh)
Filippos Christianos (University of Edinburgh)
Lukas Schäfer (University of Edinburgh)
Stefano Albrecht (University of Edinburgh)

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