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Delayed Propagation Transformer: A Universal Computation Engine towards Practical Control in Cyber-Physical Systems
Wenqing Zheng · Qiangqiang Guo · Hao Yang · Peihao Wang · Zhangyang Wang

Tue Dec 07 04:30 PM -- 06:00 PM (PST) @

Multi-agent control is a central theme in the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). However, current control methods either receive non-Markovian states due to insufficient sensing and decentralized design, or suffer from poor convergence. This paper presents the Delayed Propagation Transformer (DePT), a new transformer-based model that specializes in the global modeling of CPS while taking into account the immutable constraints from the physical world. DePT induces a cone-shaped spatial-temporal attention prior, which injects the information propagation and aggregation principles and enables a global view. With physical constraint inductive bias baked into its design, our DePT is ready to plug and play for a broad class of multi-agent systems. The experimental results on one of the most challenging CPS -- network-scale traffic signal control system in the open world -- show that our model outperformed the state-of-the-art expert methods on synthetic and real-world datasets. Our codes are released at: https://github.com/VITA-Group/DePT.

Author Information

Wenqing Zheng (the University of Texas at Austin)
Qiangqiang Guo (University of Washington, Seattle)
Hao Yang (University of Washington, Seattle)
Peihao Wang (University of Texas, Austin)
Zhangyang Wang (UT Austin)

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