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Approximating the Permanent with Deep Rejection Sampling
Juha Harviainen · Antti Röyskö · Mikko Koivisto

Tue Dec 07 08:30 AM -- 10:00 AM (PST) @
We present a randomized approximation scheme for the permanent of a matrix with nonnegative entries. Our scheme extends a recursive rejection sampling method of Huber and Law (SODA 2008) by replacing the permanent upper bound with a linear combination of the subproblem bounds at a moderately large depth of the recursion tree. This method, we call deep rejection sampling, is empirically shown to outperform the basic, depth-zero variant, as well as a related method by Kuck et al. (NeurIPS 2019). We analyze the expected running time of the scheme on random $(0, 1)$-matrices where each entry is independently $1$ with probability $p$. Our bound is superior to a previous one for $p$ less than $1/5$, matching another bound that was only known to hold when every row and column has density exactly $p$.

Author Information

Juha Harviainen (University of Helsinki)
Antti Röyskö (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Mikko Koivisto (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology)

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