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Post-Training Sparsity-Aware Quantization
Gil Shomron · Freddy Gabbay · Samer Kurzum · Uri Weiser

Thu Dec 09 12:30 AM -- 02:00 AM (PST) @

Quantization is a technique used in deep neural networks (DNNs) to increase execution performance and hardware efficiency. Uniform post-training quantization (PTQ) methods are common, since they can be implemented efficiently in hardware and do not require extensive hardware resources or a training set. Mapping FP32 models to INT8 using uniform PTQ yields models with negligible accuracy degradation; however, reducing precision below 8 bits with PTQ is challenging, as accuracy degradation becomes noticeable, due to the increase in quantization noise. In this paper, we propose a sparsity-aware quantization (SPARQ) method, in which the unstructured and dynamic activation sparsity is leveraged in different representation granularities. 4-bit quantization, for example, is employed by dynamically examining the bits of 8-bit values and choosing a window of 4 bits, while first skipping zero-value bits. Moreover, instead of quantizing activation-by-activation to 4 bits, we focus on pairs of 8-bit activations and examine whether one of the two is equal to zero. If one is equal to zero, the second can opportunistically use the other's 4-bit budget; if both do not equal zero, then each is dynamically quantized to 4 bits, as described. SPARQ achieves minor accuracy degradation and a practical hardware implementation.

Author Information

Gil Shomron (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
Freddy Gabbay (Ruppin Academic Center)
Samer Kurzum (Technion, Technion)
Uri Weiser (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

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