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Michael Dennis · Stuart J Russell · Mireille Hildebrandt · Salome Viljoen · Natasha Jaques

Tue Dec 14 07:00 AM -- 07:40 AM (PST) @

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Michael Dennis (University of California Berkeley)

Michael Dennis is a 5th year grad student at the Center for Human-Compatible AI. With a background in theoretical computer science, he is working to close the gap between decision theoretic and game theoretic recommendations and the current state of the art approaches to robust RL and multi-agent RL. The overall aim of this work is to ensure that our systems behave in a way that is robustly beneficial. In the single agent setting, this means making decisions and managing risk in the way the designer intends. In the multi-agent setting, this means ensuring that the concerns of the designer and those of others in the society are fairly and justly negotiated to the benefit of all involved.

Stuart J Russell (UC Berkeley)
Mireille Hildebrandt (Vrij Universiteit Brussels)
Salome Viljoen (Columbia Law School)

Salomé studies how the law governing digital information structures inequality in the digital economy and how alternative legal regimes may address that inequality. Her work focuses particularly on the legal theory of data governance, and how to better align the legal rules that govern how data about people is collected, processed, and used with how data production creates social value and social harm. She also studies the legal implications of economic optimization methods in digital settings.

Natasha Jaques (UC Berkeley)

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