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SSSE: Efficiently Erasing Samples from Trained Machine Learning Models
Alexandra Peste · Dan Alistarh · Christoph Lampert
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The availability of large amounts of user-provided data has been key to the success of machine learning for many real-world tasks. Recently, an increasing awareness has emerged that users should be given more control about how their data is used. In particular, users should have the right to prohibit the use of their data for training machine learning systems, and to have it erased from already trained systems. While several sample erasure methods have been proposed, all of them have drawbacks which have prevented them from gaining widespread adoption. In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective algorithm, SSSE, for samples erasure that is applicable to a wide class of machine learning models. From a second-order analysis of the model's loss landscape we derive a closed-form update step of the model parameters that only requires access to the data to be erased, not to the original training set. Experiments on CelebFaces attributes (CelebA) and CIFAR10, show that in certain cases SSSE can erase samples almost as well as the optimal, yet impractical, gold standard of training a new model from scratch with only the permitted data.

Author Information

Alexandra Peste (IST Austria)
Dan Alistarh (IST Austria & NeuralMagic)
Christoph Lampert (IST Austria)

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