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Equinox: neural networks in JAX via callable PyTrees and filtered transformations
Patrick Kidger

Mon Dec 13 08:50 AM -- 09:05 AM (PST) @
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JAX and PyTorch are two popular Python autodifferentiation frameworks. JAX is based around pure functions and functional programming. PyTorch has popularised the use of an object-oriented (OO) class-based syntax for defining parameterised functions, such as neural networks. That this seems like a fundamental difference means current libraries for building parameterised functions in JAX have either rejected the OO approach entirely (Stax) or have introduced OO-to-functional transformations, multiple new abstractions, and been limited in the extent to which they integrate with JAX (Flax, Haiku, Objax). Either way this OO/functional difference has been a source of tension. Here, we introduce Equinox', a small neural network library showing how a PyTorch-like class-based approach may be admitted without sacrificing JAX-like functional programming. We provide two main ideas. One: parameterised functions are themselves represented asPyTrees', which means that the parameterisation of a function is transparent to the JAX framework. Two: we filter a PyTree to isolate just those components that should be treated when transforming (jit',grad' or `vmap'-ing) a higher-order function of a parameterised function -- such as a loss function applied to a model. Overall Equinox resolves the above tension without introducing any new programmatic abstractions: only PyTrees and transformations, just as with regular JAX. Equinox is available at [REDACTED].

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Patrick Kidger (University of Oxford)

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