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Locality Matters: A Scalable Value Decomposition Approach for Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Roy Zohar · Shie Mannor · Guy Tennenholtz
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Cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) faces significant scalability issues due to state and action spaces that are exponentially large in the number of agents. As environments grow in size, effective credit assignment becomes increasingly harder and often results in infeasible learning times. Still, in many real-world settings, there exist simplified underlying dynamics that can be leveraged for more scalable solutions. In this work, we exploit such locality structures effectively whilst maintaining global cooperation. We propose a novel, value-based multi-agent algorithm called LOMA$Q$, which incorporates local rewards in the Centralized Training Decentralized Execution paradigm. Additionally, we provide a direct reward decomposition method for finding these local rewards when only a global signal is provided. We test our method empirically, showing it scales well compared to other methods, significantly improving performance and convergence speed.

Author Information

Roy Zohar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion)
Shie Mannor (Technion)
Guy Tennenholtz (Technion, Technion)

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