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Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design
Tom White · Yingtao Tian · Lia Coleman · Samaneh Azadi

Fri Dec 09 07:15 AM -- 07:00 PM (PST) @ Virtual
Event URL: https://neuripscreativityworkshop.github.io/2022/ »

Author Information

Tom White (Victoria University of Wellington School of Design)

Tom is a New Zealand based artist investigating machine perception. His current work focuses on creating physical artworks that highlight how machines “see” and thus how they think, suggesting that these systems are capable of abstraction and conceptual thinking. He has exhibited computer based artwork internationally over the past 25 years with themes of artificial intelligence, interactivity, and computational creativity. He is currently a lecturer and researcher at University of Wellington School of Design where he teaches students the creative potential of computer programming and artificial intelligence.

Yingtao Tian (Google AI)
Lia Coleman (Carnegie Mellon University)

Lia Coleman is an AI researcher and artist whose work revolves around the interplay of AI technology, art & design, coding, and ethics. Currently, Lia conducts creative AI research at Carnegie Mellon University as a masters student in the Robotics Institute. They also organize the NeurIPS Conference Workshop on Machine Learning in Creativity and Design, and work with RunwayML on an explainable ML video series. They were an adjunct professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and created a guide with the Partnership on AI for artists to use ML responsibly. Their work has been exhibited at / featured in Vox, Wired, Tribeca Film Festival, Mozilla Festival, Science Gallery Detroit, New York University, the NeurIPS Conference, and Gray Area. Their writing on AI art has been published by Princeton Architectural Press, DISEÑA, and Neocha Magazine. Lia is an alum of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BSc, Computer Science) and the School For Poetic Computation in NYC.  https://www.liacoleman.com/

Samaneh Azadi (UC Berkeley)

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