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On the Effect of Pre-training for Transformer in Different Modality on Offline Reinforcement Learning
Shiro Takagi

Tue Nov 29 09:00 AM -- 11:00 AM (PST) @ Hall J #424

We empirically investigate how pre-training on data of different modalities, such as language and vision, affects fine-tuning of Transformer-based models to Mujoco offline reinforcement learning tasks. Analysis of the internal representation reveals that the pre-trained Transformers acquire largely different representations before and after pre-training, but acquire less information of data in fine-tuning than the randomly initialized one. A closer look at the parameter changes of the pre-trained Transformers reveals that their parameters do not change that much and that the bad performance of the model pre-trained with image data could partially come from large gradients and gradient clipping. To study what information the Transformer pre-trained with language data utilizes, we fine-tune this model with no context provided, finding that the model learns efficiently even without context information. Subsequent follow-up analysis supports the hypothesis that pre-training with language data is likely to make the Transformer get context-like information and utilize it to solve the downstream task.

Author Information

Shiro Takagi (Independent Researcher)

I am an independent researcher on intelligence. My long-term research goal is to create an artificial researcher. I am interested in symbolic fluency, memory, and autonomy.

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