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Learning Uncertainties the Frequentist Way: Calibration and Correlation in High Energy Physics
Rikab Gambhir · Jesse Thaler · Benjamin Nachman

In this paper, we present a machine learning framework for performing frequentist maximum likelihood inference with Gaussian uncertainty estimation, which also quantifies the mutual information between the unobservable and measured quantities. This framework uses the Donsker-Varadhan representation of the Kullback-Leibler divergence---parametrized with a novel GaussianAnsatz---to enable a simultaneous extraction of the maximum likelihood values, uncertainties, and mutual information in a single training. We demonstrate our framework by extracting jet energy corrections and resolution factors from a simulation of the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. By leveraging the high-dimensional feature space inside jets, we improve upon the nominal CMS jet resolution by upward of 15.

Author Information

Rikab Gambhir (MIT)
Jesse Thaler (MIT)
Benjamin Nachman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

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