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Mitigating Health Data Poverty: Generative Approaches versus Resampling for Time-series Clinical Data
Raffaele Marchesi · Nicolo Micheletti · Giuseppe Jurman · Venet Osmani

Fri Dec 02 08:40 AM -- 08:42 AM (PST) @
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Several approaches have been developed to mitigate algorithmic bias stemming from health data poverty, where minority groups are underrepresented in training datasets. Augmenting the minority class using resampling (such as SMOTE) is a widely used approach due to the simplicity of the algorithms. However, these algorithms decrease data variability and may introduce correlations between samples, giving rise to generative approaches based on GAN. Generation of high-dimensional, time-series, authentic data that provide a wide distribution coverage of the real data, remains a challenging task for both resampling and GAN-based approaches. In this work we propose CA-GAN architecture that addresses some of the shortcomings of the current approaches, where we provide a detailed comparison with both SMOTE and WGAN-GP, using a high-dimensional, time-series, real dataset of 3343 hypotensive Caucasian and Black patients. We show that our approach is better at both generating authentic data of the minority class and remaining within the original distribution of the real data.

Author Information

Raffaele Marchesi (University of Trento)
Nicolo Micheletti (The University of Manchester | Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
Giuseppe Jurman (FBK)

Giuseppe Jurman is a mathematician, with a PhD in Algebra, working at MPBA on various aspects of computational biology. His main research interests are statistical machine learning, mathematical modelling for high-throughput data and network analysis. He is also an expert in scientific programming with Python and other computing languages.

Venet Osmani (Fondazione Bruno Kessler Research Institute)

Computational modelling of patient trajectories from clinical data

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