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SPRINT: Scalable Semantic Policy Pre-training via Language Instruction Relabeling
Jesse Zhang · Karl Pertsch · Jiahui Zhang · Taewook Nam · Sung Ju Hwang · Xiang Ren · Joseph Lim
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We propose SPRINT, an approach for scalable offline policy pre-training based on natural language instructions. SPRINT pre-trains an agent’s policy to execute a diverse set of semantically meaningful skills that it can leverage to learn new tasks faster. Prior work on offline pre-training required tedious manual definition of pre-training tasks or learned semantically meaningless skills via random goal-reaching. Instead, our approach SPRINT (Scalable Pre-training via Relabeling Language INsTructions) leverages natural language instruction labels on offline agent experience, collected at scale (e.g., via crowd-sourcing), to define a rich set of tasks with minimal human effort. Furthermore, by using natural language to define tasks, SPRINT can use pre-trained large language models to automatically expand the initial task set. By relabeling and aggregating task instructions, even across multiple training trajectories, we can learn a large set of new skills during pre-training. In experiments using a realistic household simulator, we show that agents pre-trained with SPRINT learn new long-horizon household tasks substantially faster than with previous pre-training approaches.

Author Information

Jesse Zhang (University of Southern California)

2nd year PhD student at USC, working on reinforcement learning and robotics.

Karl Pertsch (University of Southern California)
Jiahui Zhang (University of Southern California)
Taewook Nam (KAIST)
Sung Ju Hwang (KAIST, AITRICS)
Xiang Ren (University of Southern California)
Joseph Lim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)

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