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Mastering the Game of No-Press Diplomacy via Human-Regularized Reinforcement Learning and Planning
Anton Bakhtin · David Wu · Adam Lerer · Jonathan Gray · Athul Jacob · Gabriele Farina · Alexander Miller · Noam Brown
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No-press Diplomacy is a complex strategy game involving both cooperation and competition that has served as a benchmark for multi-agent AI research. While self-play reinforcement learning has resulted in numerous successes in purely adversarial games like chess, Go, and poker, self-play alone is insufficient for achieving optimal performance in domains involving cooperation with humans. We address this shortcoming by first introducing a planning algorithm we call DiL-piKL that regularizes a reward-maximizing policy toward a human imitation-learned policy. We prove that this is a no-regret learning algorithm under a modified utility function. We then show that DiL-piKL can be extended into a self-play reinforcement learning algorithm we call RL-DiL-piKL that provides a model of human play while simultaneously training an agent that responds well to this human model. We used RL-DiL-piKL to train an agent we name Diplodocus. In a 200-game no-press Diplomacy tournament involving 62 human participants spanning skill levels from beginner to expert, two Diplodocus agents both achieved a higher average score than all other participants who played more than two games, and ranked first and third according to an Elo ratings model.

Author Information

Anton Bakhtin (Facebook AI Research)
David Wu (Meta)
Adam Lerer (Facebook AI Research)
Jonathan Gray (Facebook AI Research)
Athul Jacob (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Gabriele Farina (Meta AI; Carnegie Mellon University)
Alexander Miller (Meta AI (FAIR))
Noam Brown (FAIR)

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