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Lightning Talk
Lightning Talks 1A-3
Kimia Noorbakhsh · Ronan Perry · Qi Lyu · Jiawei Jiang · Christian Toth · Olivier Jeunen · Xin Liu · Yuan Cheng · Lei Li · Manuel Rodriguez · Julius von Kügelgen · Lars Lorch · Nicolas Donati · Lukas Burkhalter · Xiao Fu · Zhongdao Wang · Songtao Feng · Ciarán Gilligan-Lee · Rishabh Mehrotra · Fangcheng Fu · Jing Yang · Bernhard Schölkopf · Ya-Li Li · Christian Knoll · Maks Ovsjanikov · Andreas Krause · Shengjin Wang · Hong Zhang · Mounia Lalmas · Bolin Ding · Bo Du · Yingbin Liang · Franz Pernkopf · Robert Peharz · Anwar Hithnawi · Julius von Kügelgen · Bo Li · Ce Zhang

Tue Dec 06 10:00 AM -- 10:15 AM (PST) @

Author Information

Kimia Noorbakhsh (Sharif University of Technology)
Ronan Perry (University of Washington)
Qi Lyu (Oregon State University)
Jiawei Jiang (Wuhan University)

Jiawei Jiang is a professor in School of Computer Science of Wuhan University. He obtained his Ph.D in Computer Science from Peking University in 2018. He worked as a postdoc researcher at ETH Zürich from 2019 to 2022. His research interests include, but are not limited to, machine learning systems, large-scale data analytics, graph processing, and federated learning. He has published more than 30 papers in top venues, e.g., SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, ICML, and NeurIPS.

Christian Toth (Graz University of Technology)
Olivier Jeunen (Amazon)

Olivier Jeunen is a Postdoctoral Scientist at Amazon. In 2021, received his PhD from the University of Antwerp with a thesis titled ``Offline Approaches to Recommendation with Online Success''. His research lies at the intersection of machine learning and information retrieval -- pursuing algorithmic advances from sound theoretical foundations. He has a track record of collaborating with prominent industrial research labs, and his recent work has been recognised with the ACM RecSys ’21 Best Student Paper Award.

Xin Liu (Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University)
Yuan Cheng (University of Science and Technology of China)
Lei Li (Ecole Polytechnique, France)
Manuel Rodriguez (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
Julius von Kügelgen (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Tübingen & University of Cambridge)
Lars Lorch (ETH Zürich)
Nicolas Donati (Ecole Polytechnique)
Lukas Burkhalter (ETH Zurich)
Xiao Fu (Oregon State University)
Zhongdao Wang (Huawei Technologies Ltd.)
Songtao Feng (Ohio State University, Columbus)
Ciarán Gilligan-Lee (Spotify & University College London)

I am a scientist based in London. My research focuses on causal inference and its applications. I am currently Head of the Causal Inference Research Lab at Spotify and an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London.

Rishabh Mehrotra (Spotify Research)
Fangcheng Fu (Peking University)
Jing Yang (Pennsylvania State University)
Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen)

Bernhard Scholkopf received degrees in mathematics (London) and physics (Tubingen), and a doctorate in computer science from the Technical University Berlin. He has researched at AT&T Bell Labs, at GMD FIRST, Berlin, at the Australian National University, Canberra, and at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK). In 2001, he was appointed scientific member of the Max Planck Society and director at the MPI for Biological Cybernetics; in 2010 he founded the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. For further information, see www.kyb.tuebingen.mpg.de/~bs.

Ya-Li Li (Tsinghua University)
Christian Knoll (Graz University of Technology)
Maks Ovsjanikov (Ecole polytechnique)
Andreas Krause (ETH Zurich)
Shengjin Wang (Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University)
Hong Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China)
Mounia Lalmas (Spotify)
Bolin Ding (Alibaba Group)
Bo Du (Wuhan University)
Yingbin Liang (The Ohio State University)
Franz Pernkopf (Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory, Graz, Austria)
Robert Peharz (Graz University of Technology)
Anwar Hithnawi (ETHZ - ETH Zurich)
Julius von Kügelgen (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Tübingen & University of Cambridge)
Bo Li (UIUC)
Ce Zhang (ETH Zurich)

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