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Neural Information Processing Systems
Online Conference 2020

Dec 6th - Dec 12th, 2020

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Welcome to the NeurIPS 2020 virtual conference! 

We hope you will enjoy the many activities happening this week, from Sunday December 6th to Saturday December 12th PST

The main conference will feature 7 invited keynotes as well as multiple tracks of contributed oral and spotlight presentations, including our best paper and test-of-time awards. See section Featured of the site for more information. 

All papers will also be presented across 7 virtual poster sessions, hosted by GatherTown. GatherTown will only be fully functional during the main conference session slots. See section Papers, which offers a variety of ways to discover papers presented this year. Each paper has its own page, featuring a short video presentation, a RocketChat channel to directly engage with the authors, and information on the time and (virtual) place of the poster presentation.

In addition to paper presentations, several other scientific events are organized throughout the week: 16 tutorials (with additional interactive Q&A sessions), 60 workshops, 20 demonstrations and 16 competitions. This year, a special symposium dedicated to COVID-19 is also held. Section Events provides information on these events.

The week will also feature a number of community-building activities. We are reprising socials, meetups,  and the NewInML workshop, as well as holding two town hall meetings to collect feedback on the conference and answer questions from the community. We are also introducing a self-serve mentoring tool, to help matching mentors and mentees during the conference. Section Community provides more details, as well as pointers to the workshops organized by the affinity groups that NeurIPS supports.

Finally, make sure to visit the Sponsors section, for information about our sponsors. Through this section you’ll be able to reach out directly to specific sponsors (e.g. during the breaks in the schedule) as well as learn about their contributions to our EXPO Day

We’ve worked hard to use almost all time slots of each 24-hour period, so there is something happening at almost any time an attendee is available. The conference generally is structured as follows:

- EXPO day is on Sunday, starting at 5am PST

- Tutorials are held from Sunday 11:59pm PST to Monday 4pm PST

- Main conference program from Monday 5pm PST until Thursday 11pm PST. It consists of 7 consecutive 6-hour sessions with a keynote, orals, spotlights and poster sessions, from 5pm PST to 11pm PST or 5am PST to 11am PST (1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). Some of these sessions will also have a parallel demonstrations track.

- Socials, Q&As with tutorial speakers and the COVID-19 symposium are held in-between some of the 6-hour conference sessions.

- Workshops and competitions start after Thursday 11:59pm PST and end on Saturday

See the Schedule section of this site for more details as well as our FAQ for answers to questions you may have.

To access all content on this site, you will need to register to the NeurIPS conference, by visiting this page. Note however that without a registration, you may still access the keynotes, orals, spotlights and tutorials of the conference, and may freely participate to meetups. As for the majority of papers accepted for poster presentation, their short video presentations will be made available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

We hope you enjoy the NeurIPS 2020 conference!