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Workshop: Black in AI

Victor Silva (BAI Chair), Flora Ponjou Tasse, Krystal Maughan, Muraya Maigua, Charles Earl, Amaka Okafor, Ignatius Ezeani, Tobi Olatunji, Foutse Yuehgoh, Salomey Osei, Ezinne Nwankwo, Joyce Williams

2020-12-07T06:00:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T12:30:00-08:00
Abstract: Black in AI exists to create a space for sharing ideas, foster collaborations, and discuss initiatives to increase the presence of Black individuals in the field of AI. To this end, we hold an annual technical workshop series, run mentoring programs, and maintain various fora for fostering partnerships and collaborations with and among black AI researchers. The 4th Black in AI workshop and 1st virtual Black in AI workshop will consist of selected oral presentations, invited keynote speakers, a joint poster session with other affinity groups, sponsorship sessions, and socials. Our workshop exists to amplify the voices of black researchers at NeurIPS.


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2020-12-07T05:30:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T16:30:00-08:00
Join us in Gather.Town during Breaks, Roundtables, and Poster Session!
2020-12-07T06:00:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T06:10:00-08:00
Opening Remarks
2020-12-07T06:10:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T06:50:00-08:00
Invited Talk 1: Ultrasound Image Formation in the Deep Learning Age
Muyinatu Bell
2020-12-07T06:50:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T07:05:00-08:00
Q&A with Invited Speaker 1
2020-12-07T07:05:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T07:15:00-08:00
Contributed Talk 1: Question Generation With Deep Reinforcement Learning for Education
2020-12-07T07:15:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T07:25:00-08:00
Contributed Talk 3: Kwame: A Bilingual AI Teaching Assistant for Online SuaCode Courses
Jojo Boateng
2020-12-07T07:25:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T07:40:00-08:00
Panel with Contributed Authors 1 - 3
2020-12-07T07:40:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T08:10:00-08:00
Coffee Break with Sponsors
2020-12-07T08:10:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T08:40:00-08:00
Fireside Chat with Dr. Ramon Amaro
2020-12-07T08:40:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T08:55:00-08:00
Audience Q&A with Dr. Ramon Amaro
2020-12-07T08:55:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T09:10:00-08:00
Coffee Break
2020-12-07T09:10:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T09:40:00-08:00
Invited Talk 2: AI Assisted UIs
Cyril Diagne
2020-12-07T09:40:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T09:55:00-08:00
Q&A with Invited Speaker 2
2020-12-07T09:55:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T10:05:00-08:00
Contributed Talk 4: Visualizing Concepts
Alayt Issak
2020-12-07T10:05:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T10:15:00-08:00
Contributed Talk 5: NUBIA: NeUral Based Interchangeability Assessor for Text Generation
Hassan Kane
2020-12-07T10:15:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T10:25:00-08:00
Contributed Talk 6: Symptoms, Scares, and Misclassifications: Information Sharing Behavior Across Online Birth Control Communities
LeAnn McDowall
2020-12-07T10:25:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T10:40:00-08:00
Panel with Contributed Authors 4 - 6
2020-12-07T10:40:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T11:10:00-08:00
Coffee Break with Sponsors
2020-12-07T11:10:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T11:30:00-08:00
Lunch Break
2020-12-07T11:30:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T12:30:00-08:00
Mentorship Roundtables Tables
2020-12-07T12:30:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T14:30:00-08:00
Joint Poster Session with Affinity Groups
2020-12-07T14:30:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T15:00:00-08:00
Invited Talk 3: My journey, advocacy work to improve diversity in Brazilian Research
Sonia Guimarães
2020-12-07T15:00:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T15:15:00-08:00
Q&A with Invited Speaker 3
2020-12-07T15:15:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T15:45:00-08:00
Invited Talk 4: Understanding the Authorship Footprint in the Age of Disinformation
Siobahn Day Grady
2020-12-07T15:45:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T16:00:00-08:00
Q&A with Invited Speaker 4
2020-12-07T16:00:00-08:00 - 2020-12-07T16:30:00-08:00
Closing Remarks