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Wed 16:30 Scaling Up Exact Neural Network Compression by ReLU Stability
Thiago Serra · Xin Yu · Abhinav Kumar · Srikumar Ramalingam
Wed 16:30 Leveraging Spatial and Temporal Correlations in Sparsified Mean Estimation
Divyansh Jhunjhunwala · Ankur Mallick · Advait Gadhikar · Swanand Kadhe · Gauri Joshi
Thu 8:30 Circa: Stochastic ReLUs for Private Deep Learning
Zahra Ghodsi · Nandan Kumar Jha · Brandon Reagen · Siddharth Garg
Thu 0:30 Sparse Spiking Gradient Descent
Nicolas Perez-Nieves · Dan Goodman
Wed 0:30 On Riemannian Optimization over Positive Definite Matrices with the Bures-Wasserstein Geometry
Andi Han · Bamdev Mishra · Pratik Kumar Jawanpuria · Junbin Gao
Thu 0:30 Subquadratic Overparameterization for Shallow Neural Networks
ChaeHwan Song · Ali Ramezani-Kebrya · Thomas Pethick · Armin Eftekhari · Volkan Cevher
Thu 0:30 Self-Supervised Learning of Event-Based Optical Flow with Spiking Neural Networks
Jesse Hagenaars · Federico Paredes-Valles · Guido de Croon
Fri 8:30 NTopo: Mesh-free Topology Optimization using Implicit Neural Representations
Jonas Zehnder · Yue Li · Stelian Coros · Bernhard Thomaszewski
Wed 0:30 On Joint Learning for Solving Placement and Routing in Chip Design
Ruoyu Cheng · Junchi Yan
DESTRESS: Computation-Optimal and Communication-Efficient Decentralized Nonconvex Finite-Sum Optimization
Boyue Li · Zhize Li · Yuejie Chi
Tue 8:30 An Online Method for A Class of Distributionally Robust Optimization with Non-convex Objectives
Qi Qi · Zhishuai Guo · Yi Xu · Rong Jin · Tianbao Yang
Wed 0:30 Optimizing Conditional Value-At-Risk of Black-Box Functions
Quoc Phong Nguyen · Zhongxiang Dai · Bryan Kian Hsiang Low · Patrick Jaillet