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Wed 16:30 A Max-Min Entropy Framework for Reinforcement Learning
Seungyul Han · Youngchul Sung
Fri 8:30 Local Signal Adaptivity: Provable Feature Learning in Neural Networks Beyond Kernels
Stefani Karp · Ezra Winston · Yuanzhi Li · Aarti Singh
Wed 16:30 Does Preprocessing Help Training Over-parameterized Neural Networks?
Zhao Song · Shuo Yang · Ruizhe Zhang
Wed 0:30 Lower Bounds and Optimal Algorithms for Smooth and Strongly Convex Decentralized Optimization Over Time-Varying Networks
Dmitry Kovalev · Elnur Gasanov · Alexander Gasnikov · Peter Richtarik
Continuously Discovering Novel Strategies via Reward-Switching Policy Optimization
Zihan Zhou · Wei Fu · Bingliang Zhang · Yi Wu
Tue 16:30 Differentiable Optimization of Generalized Nondecomposable Functions using Linear Programs
Zihang Meng · Lopamudra Mukherjee · Yichao Wu · Vikas Singh · Sathya Ravi
Thu 16:30 Sample Selection for Fair and Robust Training
Yuji Roh · Kangwook Lee · Steven Whang · Changho Suh
Tue 8:30 Accurate Point Cloud Registration with Robust Optimal Transport
Zhengyang Shen · Jean Feydy · Peirong Liu · Ariel H Curiale · Ruben San Jose Estepar · Raul San Jose Estepar · Marc Niethammer
Wed 0:30 Differentiable Synthesis of Program Architectures
Guofeng Cui · He Zhu
Tue 8:30 Piper: Multidimensional Planner for DNN Parallelization
Jakub Tarnawski · Deepak Narayanan · Amar Phanishayee
Thu 8:30 Faster Neural Network Training with Approximate Tensor Operations
Menachem Adelman · Kfir Levy · Ido Hakimi · Mark Silberstein
Wed 0:30 IQ-Learn: Inverse soft-Q Learning for Imitation
Divyansh Garg · Shuvam Chakraborty · Chris Cundy · Jiaming Song · Stefano Ermon