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A 3D-Shape Similarity-based Contrastive Approach to Molecular Representation Learning
Austin Atsango · Nathaniel Diamant · Ziqing Lu · Tommaso Biancalani · Gabriele Scalia · Kangway Chuang
Wed 14:00 NCP: Neural Correspondence Prior for Effective Unsupervised Shape Matching
Souhaib Attaiki · Maks Ovsjanikov
Affinity Workshop
3D-LatentMapper: View Agnostic Single-View Reconstruction of 3D Shapes
Alara Dirik · Pinar Yanardag
Tue 14:00 Reduced Representation of Deformation Fields for Effective Non-rigid Shape Matching
Ramana Subramanyam Sundararaman · Riccardo Marin · Emanuele RodolĂ  · Maks Ovsjanikov
Learning Multi-resolution Functional Maps with Spectral Attention for Robust Shape Matching
Lei Li · Nicolas Donati · Maks Ovsjanikov
Thu 14:00 ShapeCrafter: A Recursive Text-Conditioned 3D Shape Generation Model
Rao Fu · Xiao Zhan · YIWEN CHEN · Daniel Ritchie · Srinath Sridhar
Wed 14:00 3DILG: Irregular Latent Grids for 3D Generative Modeling
Biao Zhang · Matthias Niessner · Peter Wonka
A Framework for Generating 3D Shape Counterfactuals
Rajat Rasal · Daniel C. Castro · Nick Pawlowski · Ben Glocker
PatchComplete: Learning Multi-Resolution Patch Priors for 3D Shape Completion on Unseen Categories
Yuchen Rao · Yinyu Nie · Angela Dai
Neural Implicit Style-net: synthesizing shapes in a preferred style exploiting self supervision
Marco Fumero · Hooman Shayani · Aditya Sanghi · Emanuele RodolĂ 
Wed 9:00 AnimeRun: 2D Animation Visual Correspondence from Open Source 3D Movies
Li Siyao · Yuhang Li · Bo Li · Chao Dong · Ziwei Liu · Chen Change Loy
Tue 9:00 LION: Latent Point Diffusion Models for 3D Shape Generation
xiaohui zeng · Arash Vahdat · Francis Williams · Zan Gojcic · Or Litany · Sanja Fidler · Karsten Kreis