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Thu 9:00 On Uncertainty, Tempering, and Data Augmentation in Bayesian Classification
Sanyam Kapoor · Wesley Maddox · Pavel Izmailov · Andrew Wilson
Thu 14:00 Deterministic Langevin Monte Carlo with Normalizing Flows for Bayesian Inference
Richard Grumitt · Biwei Dai · Uros Seljak
Tue 9:00 Anytime-Valid Inference For Multinomial Count Data
Michael Lindon · Alan Malek
Thu 14:00 Human-AI Collaborative Bayesian Optimisation
Arun Kumar A V · Santu Rana · Alistair Shilton · Svetha Venkatesh
Wed 9:00 Understanding Non-linearity in Graph Neural Networks from the Bayesian-Inference Perspective
Rongzhe Wei · Haoteng YIN · Junteng Jia · Austin Benson · Pan Li
Wed 9:00 Normalizing Flows for Knockoff-free Controlled Feature Selection
Derek Hansen · Brian Manzo · Jeffrey Regier
Tue 14:00 Fast Bayesian Estimation of Point Process Intensity as Function of Covariates
Hideaki Kim · Taichi Asami · Hiroyuki Toda
Bayesian parameter inference of a vortically perturbed flame model for the prediction of thermoacoustic instability
Max Croci · Joel Vasanth · Ushnish Sengupta · Ekrem Ekici · Matthew Juniper
Wed 9:00 Bayesian Spline Learning for Equation Discovery of Nonlinear Dynamics with Quantified Uncertainty
Luning Sun · Daniel Huang · Hao Sun · Jian-Xun Wang
Tue 14:00 Active Bayesian Causal Inference
Christian Toth · Lars Lorch · Christian Knoll · Andreas Krause · Franz Pernkopf · Robert Peharz · Julius von K├╝gelgen