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When Combinatorial Thompson Sampling meets Approximation Regret
Pierre Perrault
Combinatorial Bandits with Linear Constraints: Beyond Knapsacks and Fairness
Qingsong Liu · Weihang Xu · Siwei Wang · Zhixuan Fang
Tue 14:00 Incentivizing Combinatorial Bandit Exploration
Xinyan Hu · Dung Ngo · Aleksandrs Slivkins · Steven Wu
Wed 14:00 Finding Optimal Arms in Non-stochastic Combinatorial Bandits with Semi-bandit Feedback and Finite Budget
Jasmin Brandt · Viktor Bengs · Björn Haddenhorst · Eyke Hüllermeier
Thu 14:00 Batch-Size Independent Regret Bounds for Combinatorial Semi-Bandits with Probabilistically Triggered Arms or Independent Arms
Xutong Liu · Jinhang Zuo · Siwei Wang · Carlee Joe-Wong · John C.S. Lui · Wei Chen