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Multi-band Image Classification with Ultra-Lean Complex-Valued Models
Utkarsh Singhal · Stella Yu · Zackery Steck · Scott Kangas
Wed 14:00 Causality Preserving Chaotic Transformation and Classification using Neurochaos Learning
Harikrishnan N B · Aditi Kathpalia · Nithin Nagaraj
Affinity Workshop
Detecting Synthetic Opioids with NQR Spectroscopy and Complex-Valued Signal Denoising
Amber Day · Natalie Klein · Michael Malone · Harris Mason · Sinead Williamson
Sat 7:50 Spotlight Talk - Multi-band Image Classification with Ultra-Lean Complex-Valued Models
Utkarsh Singhal
Tue 14:00 Real-Valued Backpropagation is Unsuitable for Complex-Valued Neural Networks
Zhi-Hao Tan · Yi Xie · Yuan Jiang · Zhi-Hua Zhou
Wed 9:00 Lower Bounds and Nearly Optimal Algorithms in Distributed Learning with Communication Compression
Xinmeng Huang · Yiming Chen · Wotao Yin · Kun Yuan
Thu 9:00 Single-pass Streaming Lower Bounds for Multi-armed Bandits Exploration with Instance-sensitive Sample Complexity
Sepehr Assadi · Chen Wang
Wed 14:00 On the Convergence Theory for Hessian-Free Bilevel Algorithms
Daouda Sow · Kaiyi Ji · Yingbin Liang
Wed 9:00 Sample Complexity of Learning Heuristic Functions for Greedy-Best-First and A* Search
Shinsaku Sakaue · Taihei Oki
Tue 14:00 Trading off Utility, Informativeness, and Complexity in Emergent Communication
Mycal Tucker · Roger Levy · Julie Shah · Noga Zaslavsky
Tue 9:00 EcoFormer: Energy-Saving Attention with Linear Complexity
Jing Liu · Zizheng Pan · Haoyu He · Jianfei Cai · Bohan Zhuang
Tue 14:00 A Projection-free Algorithm for Constrained Stochastic Multi-level Composition Optimization
Tesi Xiao · Krishnakumar Balasubramanian · Saeed Ghadimi