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Paradigmatic Revolutions in Computer Vision
Andreas Kriegler
Thu 14:40 Amanda Marrs: Applying AI and Computer Vision to Modernize Recycling and Increase Landfill Diversion
Amanda Marrs
Affinity Workshop
Design And Implementation of a Computer Vision-based Autopilot In a Simulation Environment
Omer Salih
Mon 5:30 Deep dive on foundation models for computer vision
Pin-Yu Chen
Affinity Workshop
DynamicViT: Faster Vision Transformer
Amanuel Mersha · Samuel Assefa
Affinity Workshop
Unsupervised annotation of differences between genomic datasets
Eman Asfaw
Tue 3:15 Towards better benchmarks for AutoML, meta-learning and continual learning in computer vision
Joaquin Vanschoren
Affinity Workshop
Interactive Video Saliency Prediction: The Stacked ConvLSTM Approach
Natnael Argaw Wondimu · Cedric Buche · Ubbo Visser
Affinity Workshop
Building Identification In Aerial Imagery using Deep learning
Proscovia Nakiranda · Trienko Grobler
Affinity Workshop
Segmentation of Tuta Absoluta’s Damage on Tomato Plants: A Computer Vision Approach
Loyani Loyani
Affinity Workshop
Imitation from Observation With Bootstrapped Contrastive Learning
Medric Sonwa · Johanna Hansen · Eugene Belilovsky
Affinity Workshop
Separate and Extract a Mixed Audio Using Deep Learning
Wesagn Dawit Chemma