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Tue 9:00 Learning Consistency-Aware Unsigned Distance Functions Progressively from Raw Point Clouds
Junsheng Zhou · Baorui Ma · Yu-Shen Liu · Yi Fang · Zhizhong Han
Thu 14:00 Label-Aware Global Consistency for Multi-Label Learning with Single Positive Labels
Ming-Kun Xie · Jiahao Xiao · Sheng-Jun Huang
Wed 14:00 Self-Consistent Dynamical Field Theory of Kernel Evolution in Wide Neural Networks
Blake Bordelon · Cengiz Pehlevan
Mon 11:00 Incentive-Aware Machine Learning: A Tale of Robustness, Fairness, Improvement, and Performativity
Chara Podimata
Module-Aware Optimization for Auxiliary Learning
Hong Chen · Xin Wang · Yue Liu · Yuwei Zhou · Chaoyu Guan · Wenwu Zhu
Wed 9:00 VoxGRAF: Fast 3D-Aware Image Synthesis with Sparse Voxel Grids
Katja Schwarz · Axel Sauer · Michael Niemeyer · Yiyi Liao · Andreas Geiger
Semi-Supervised Cross-Consistency Contrastive Learning for Nuclei Segmentation in Histology Images
Raja Muhammad Saad Bashir · Talha Qaiser · Shan Raza · Nasir Rajpoot
Thu 9:00 Dynamic Sparse Network for Time Series Classification: Learning What to “See”
Qiao Xiao · Boqian Wu · Yu Zhang · Shiwei Liu · Mykola Pechenizkiy · Elena Mocanu · Decebal Constantin Mocanu
Wed 9:00 Online Bipartite Matching with Advice: Tight Robustness-Consistency Tradeoffs for the Two-Stage Model
Billy Jin · Will Ma
Rationale-aware Autonomous Driving Policy utilizing Safety Force Field implemented on CARLA Simulator
Ho Suk · Taewoo Kim · Hyungbin Park · PAMUL YADAV · Junyong Lee · Shiho Kim
Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation with Prototype-based Consistency Regularization
Haiming Xu · Lingqiao Liu · Qiuchen Bian · Zhen Yang
Thu 9:00 DivBO: Diversity-aware CASH for Ensemble Learning
Yu Shen · Yupeng Lu · Yang Li · Yaofeng Tu · Wentao Zhang · Bin CUI