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Learning in Factored Domains with Information-Constrained Visual Representations
Tyler Malloy · Chris Sims · Tim Klinger · Matthew Riemer · Miao Liu · Gerald Tesauro
Tue 9:00 Distributed Inverse Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Multi-agent Systems
Shicheng Liu · Minghui Zhu
Locally Constrained Representations in Reinforcement Learning
Somjit Nath · Samira Ebrahimi Kahou
Affinity Workshop
Mon 6:55 Contributed talk - (Paula Harder) - "Physics-Constrained Deep Learning for Climate Downscaling"
Paula Harder
Tue 9:00 Policy Optimization with Linear Temporal Logic Constraints
Cameron Voloshin · Hoang Le · Swarat Chaudhuri · Yisong Yue
Thu 14:00 Constrained GPI for Zero-Shot Transfer in Reinforcement Learning
Jaekyeom Kim · Seohong Park · Gunhee Kim
Tue 14:00 A theory of weight distribution-constrained learning
Weishun Zhong · Ben Sorscher · Daniel Lee · Haim Sompolinsky
Thu 14:00 Provably Efficient Model-Free Constrained RL with Linear Function Approximation
Arnob Ghosh · Xingyu Zhou · Ness Shroff
Tue 14:00 Anchor-Changing Regularized Natural Policy Gradient for Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning
Ruida Zhou · Tao Liu · Dileep Kalathil · P. R. Kumar · Chao Tian
Stability Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Real-Time Voltage Control
Jie Feng · Yuanyuan Shi · Guannan Qu · Steven Low · Anima Anandkumar · Adam Wierman
Wed 14:00 Model-based Safe Deep Reinforcement Learning via a Constrained Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithm
Ashish K Jayant · Shalabh Bhatnagar
Wed 14:00 A Lagrangian Duality Approach to Active Learning
Juan Elenter · Navid Naderializadeh · Alejandro Ribeiro