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I2Q: A Fully Decentralized Q-Learning Algorithm
Jiechuan Jiang · Zongqing Lu
A Unified Framework to Understand Decentralized and Federated Optimization Algorithms: A Multi-Rate Feedback Control Perspective
xinwei zhang · Nicola Elia · Mingyi Hong
Near-optimal decentralized algorithms for network dynamic optimization
Judy Gan · Yashodhan Kanoria · Xuan Zhang
Tue 14:00 Optimal Algorithms for Decentralized Stochastic Variational Inequalities
Dmitry Kovalev · Aleksandr Beznosikov · Abdurakhmon Sadiev · Michael Persiianov · Peter Richtarik · Alexander Gasnikov
Tue 9:00 Multi-agent Performative Prediction with Greedy Deployment and Consensus Seeking Agents
Qiang LI · Chung-Yiu Yau · Hoi-To Wai
Thu 14:00 A Stochastic Linearized Augmented Lagrangian Method for Decentralized Bilevel Optimization
Songtao Lu · Siliang Zeng · Xiaodong Cui · Mark Squillante · Lior Horesh · Brian Kingsbury · Jia Liu · Mingyi Hong
Thu 9:00 Decentralized, Communication- and Coordination-free Learning in Structured Matching Markets
Chinmay Maheshwari · Shankar Sastry · Eric Mazumdar